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Fair Shake of the Whip # 1

  • Herrmann Germann Contemporary 1 Stationsstrasse Zurich, ZH, 8003 Switzerland (map)

— Fair Shake of The Whip #1 — 
Erika Hock, Jessica Pooch, Veronika Spierenburg

Opening, Friday 13 June 2014, 18–20 h
Exhibition, 14.06.–12.07.2014


Fair Shake of the Whip #1 is the first of a series of exhibitions at Hermann Germann Contemporary that juxtaposes the same or similar starting points of artistic practice. The opening exhibition brings together works by Erika Hock, Jessica Pooch, and Veronika Spierenburg. Central to their positions are architecture and society. The works refer to situations and objects both indoors and outdoors, explore the role and function of sculpture in public space, and thereby consider social, sociocultural, and gender-specific issues. 

Since postmodernity, the notion of sculpture and space has changed. Artists now extend their work to different media, materials, and levels of content. Drawing a line to sculpture, the art historian Dagobert Frey once defined architecture as ‹an instrument for our use›. Architecture, he asserted, made us not simply observers, but participants. Frey's remark highlights the decisive aspect of participation, that is, the activitation and thus the completion of architecture by the viewer. The works presented in Fair Shake of the Whip #1 address this relationship by involving human beings and their bodies structurally, by using us as a scale, by conditioning us, or by unfolding spatiality through our presence. Architecture and urbanism have attracted increasing interest among artists since the 1990s. Today, many young artists are engaging with these themes analytically and discursively, resulting in a wide range of contextually oriented works. Sculpture no longer remains restricted to a figure in space, but becomes influential as a way of structuring space. 

In her current work, Erika Hock (*1981, Dschangi-Dscher Kirgisistan) explores various aspects of interior design, architecture, and fashion. Her key themes include gender, the sociocultural functions of the body, and the similarities, differences, and relationships to the body. Her work often involves architectural elements, explores the manifold possibilities of creating form, and refers to the sculptural nature of such objects. The question of scale is crucial to understanding her work. 

Jessica Pooch (*1982, Berlin D) focuses on observing the orders, principles, and measures shaping daily life and regulating human co-existence. Her work is inspired by a sociological perspective on the environment. She investigates various products of popular culture and subculture, as well as the relationship between high and popular culture. One central question is the viewer’s perception and its influence by physiological structure. 

Veronika Spierenburg (*1981, Zürich CH) transcends generic boundaries to study the tension between architecture and human beings. Her videos and performances create experimental arrangements in which the protagonists activate the surrounding space with minimal movement sequences and thus make such space physically and acoustically tangible. The subtle interplay between form, rhythm, movement, and sound proves to be central to her work. 

— The opening night will feature a rickshaw shuttle service between Barbara Seiler Galerie and Herrmann Germann Contemporary.

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