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Juliana Irene Smith - WAR and YOGA

  • Erdmann Contemporary 3 Schiffländestrasse Aarau, AG, 5000 Switzerland (map)

A solo exhibition of Juliana Irene Smith at
Erdmann Contemporary in Aarau.

Vernissage – Friday September 26th 18:00 – late
Exhibition runs until Thursday October 23rd – Finnissage and Special Event 19:00

“I am just a two-buck hypocrite.”
Art began for me as an outlet, a personal way of handling my own bullshit and ʻtraumas.ʼ Why am I not a human rights lawyer?
It is not about moralizing, or lecturing. Yet are we doing the best we can? Not me, no sir, not me.

Today, my control freak flat-mate left me a note telling me that I am using too much aluminum foil, and ʻNatureʼ would thank me if I used less.

“Who the fuck does she think she is my Moral Compass, God or My Judge? People are dying in the Middle East... fuck your nature shit,” I thought to myself.

Yet here I am asking the audience to well, actually nothing, do Yoga, I like it too. (How I hate admitting that.) Yoga, an expensive way to discover your inner soul, inner peace will bring world peace? I promise I am not judging - this exhibition is selfish in my own Catholic Guilt.

I sit in my cozy room under a warm blanket and watch Amy Goodman on Democracy Now, Vice News, Al Jazeera and the tears come down my cheeks, another sip of wine.
Sure, it would be beneficial, intellectual to quote Foucault and Delueze or even Chomsky... or... and in fact coming back to Switzerland after two and a half years in Palestine, I wanted to understand political theory and power more than anything. But knowing and ʻunderstandingʼ the theory without experiencing or reacting with an action or work, well then the milk honey bubble just floats without purpose. Fear of action and fear of living amicably both rip my conscious apart.

Sometimes people ask me where I want to end up. I do not know, but somehow, I always say, “Afghanistanʼ and it is the truth.
There is a word in German that we do not have in English, Weltschmerzen, pain for those suffering in the world... but the word is not enough, where is the action?
My action is here.

I hope you like it. There is a video and some large water-color collages. Free Palestine (or whatever your cause may be.)


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