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«Enact. Empower?» – Elisabeth Lebovici

  • Toni Areal 94 Pfingstweidstrasse Zürich, ZH, 8005 Switzerland (map)

«Enact. Empower?» 
Public talk series at the Department Art & Media, ZHdK, Toni-Areal, Pfingstweidstr. 96, 8031 Zürich; for free, (lectures in English):

Toni-Areal, 3rd floor, 3.K01, 6:30 pm

Elisabeth Lebovici lives and works in Paris. An art historian and critic, she explores in her research, books, and lectures, the articulation between feminism, gender studies, queer politics, LGBT activism, and the contemporary arts. She is the author, among numerous publications, of «Femmes/artistes, artistes/femmes, Paris de 1880 à nos jours» (with Catherine Gonnard, Hazan, Paris 2007) and animates the blog Her book «Ce que le sida m'a fait – Art et activisme à la fin du XXe siècle» was published in May 2017 by Maison Rouge/JRP Rignier.

Since the 1960s art and art theory have been approximating activism. Ever since, queer-feminist or postcolonial tactics, as well as non-hierarchic forms of collaboration of diverse actors, have been propagated. Yet, they often demarcate a thin line: Self-organization has long been absorbed into capitalist economies. And, participation often veils, rather than exposes, inequalities and power-structures within a globalized world. Hence, where is space left for critique? Where lie contradictions and potential for an emancipatory art practice? In which frame and to which extent do these circumstances allow for shifting power-relations, opening up space for action?
Picking up on their recent works and practice our guests Jasmina Metwaly, artist (18.10.), Angela Dimitrakaki, art historian and writer (28.10.), Juliana Huxtable, artist (1.11.), Elisabeth Lebovici, critic (13.11.), and Gerald Raunig, philosopher (5.12.), will confront and try to answer these questions self-reflectively. They will not only provide for actual insights, but show snares and boundaries of (self-)empowerment.
A collaboration of Master Fine Arts, Bachelor of Arts in Art & Media und IFCAR Institute for Contemporary Art Research (Curation FS 17: Donatella Bernardi, Barbara Preisig, Gabrielle Schaad, Jörg Scheller, Christoph Schenker).

Contact: Gabrielle Schaad, Research Associate, Bachelor of Arts in Art & Media, ZHdK;