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Select, Copy, Paste : Theory+existential randomness {†ƒßÇ%--[66

  • Helmhaus Zürich 31 Limmatquai Zürich, ZH, 8001 Switzerland (map)

>> to bring with u: a book that somehow means something to you (the reason why can be divers) - different languages and genres are very welcome (novel, non-fiction, poetry, theory,...)

̝͔̠̎̑ ̠͔̝̝͔̠̑̎̎̑-̠͔̝̝͔̠̑̎̎̑ ̠͔̝̝͔̠̑̎̎̑-̠͔̝̝͔̠̑̎̎̑ ̠͔̝̝͔̠̑̎̎̑n̠͔̝̝͔̠̑̎̎̑ȏ̠͔̝̝͔̠̎̎̑ ̠͔̝̝͔̠̑̎̎̑ȏ̠͔̝̝͔̠̎̎̑t̠͔̝̝͔̠̑̎̎̑h̠͔̝̝͔̠̑̎̎̑ȇ̠͔̝̝͔̠̎̎̑ȓ̠͔̝̝͔̠̎̎̑ ̠͔̝̝͔̠̑̎̎̑p̠͔̝̝͔̠̑̎̎̑ȓ̠͔̝̝͔̠̎̎̑ȇ̠͔̝̝͔̠̎̎̑c̠͔̝̝͔̠̑̎̎̑ȏ̠͔̝̝͔̠̎̎̑n̠͔̝̝͔̠̑̎̎̑d̠͔̝̝͔̠̑̎̎̑ȋ̠͔̝̝͔̠̎̎̑t̠͔̝̝͔̠̑̎̎̑ȋ̠͔̝̝͔̠̎̎̑ȏ̠͔̝̝͔̠̎̎̑n̠͔̝̝͔̠̑̎̎̑s̠͔̝̝͔̠̑̎̎̑/̠͔̝̝͔̠̑̎̎̑/̠͔̝̝͔̠̑̎̎̑n̠͔̝̝͔̠̑̎̎̑ȏ̠͔̝̝͔̠̎̎̑ ̠͔̝̝͔̠̑̎̎̑s̠͔̝̝͔̠̑̎̎̑p̠͔̝̝͔̠̑̎̎̑ȇ̠͔̝̝͔̠̎̎̑c̠͔̝̝͔̠̑̎̎̑ȋ̠͔̝̝͔̠̎̎̑f̠͔̝̝͔̠̑̎̎̑ȋ̠͔̝̝͔̠̎̎̑c̠͔̝̝͔̠̑̎̎̑ ̠͔̝̝͔̠̑̎̎̑k̠͔̝̝͔̠̑̎̎̑n̠͔̝̝͔̠̑̎̎̑ȏ̠͔̝̝͔̠̎̎̑w̠͔̝̝͔̠̑̎̎̑l̠͔̝̝͔̠̑̎̎̑ȇ̠͔̝̝͔̠̎̎̑d̠͔̝̝͔̠̑̎̎̑g̠͔̝̝͔̠̑̎̎̑ȇ̠͔̝̝͔̠̎̎̑/̠͔̝̝͔̠̑̎̎̑/̠͔̝̝͔̠̑̎̎̑n̠͔̝̝͔̠̑̎̎̑ȏ̠͔̝̝͔̠̎̎̑ ̠͔̝̝͔̠̑̎̎̑w̠͔̝̝͔̠̑̎̎̑ȓ̠͔̝̝͔̠̎̎̑ȋ̠͔̝̝͔̠̎̎̑t̠͔̝̝͔̠̑̎̎̑ȋ̠͔̝̝͔̠̎̎̑n̠͔̝̝͔̠̑̎̎̑g̠͔̝̝͔̠̑̎̎̑ ̠͔̝̝͔̠̑̎̎̑s̠͔̝̝͔̠̑̎̎̑k̠͔̝̝͔̠̑̎̎̑ȋ̠͔̝̝͔̠̎̎̑l̠͔̝̝͔̠̑̎̎̑l̠͔̝̝͔̠̑̎̎̑s̠͔̝̝͔̠̑̎̎̑ ̠͔̝̝͔̠̑̎̎̑ȏ̠͔̝̝͔̠̎̎̑ȓ̠͔̝̝͔̠̎̎̑ ̠͔̝̝͔̠̑̎̎̑w̠͔̝̝͔̠̑̎̎̑h̠͔̝̝͔̠̑̎̎̑ȃ̠͔̝̝͔̠̎̎̑t̠͔̝̝͔̠̑̎̎̑ȇ̠͔̝̝͔̠̎̎̑v̠͔̝̝͔̠̑̎̎̑ȇ̠͔̝̝͔̠̎̎̑ȓ̠͔̝̝͔̠̎̎̑ ̠͔̝̝͔̠̑̎̎̑n̠͔̝̝͔̠̑̎̎̑ȇ̠͔̝̝͔̠̎̎̑ȇ̠͔̝̝͔̠̎̎̑d̠͔̝̝͔̠̑̎̎̑ȇ̠͔̝̝͔̠̎̎̑d̠͔̝̝͔̠̑̎̎̑!̠͔̝̝͔̠̑̎̎̑!̠͔̝̝͔̠̑̎̎̑!̠͔̝̑̎ ̠͔̝̑̎

Many people feel guilty after spending hours watching cat videos or clicking link after link after link etc. They think they are wasting their time. We would like to offer them the internet and other digital applications as an active tool of engagement. Forget your guilt grab a book that somehow means something to you and drop in at our lab. Let’s waste some time together and explore the algorythmic rooms of possibilities.Let’s sample and remix digital and analogue ‚artifacts’ and experience collectively the pure pleasure to browse and surf and copy and paste to find new ways (to create a zine) of textcreation and textdigestion.

We won’t write about existential randomness. Non. Because true alchemists do not change lead into gold; they change the world into codes. We won’t write about theory. NeT//OTKa3. We will tell the translator-software about Derrida’s burnt襪子[socks] lying on the road and pair it with a gif depicting dancing elephants and Schroedinger’s – no some viral DNA. = ¿∞”fi˜ˆ@¯°º´≠´°Ω{∫†´¬µ∂®$$); We won’t try to make it logical. We won’t edit y*ou_r [souls?] according to the fashion. Rather, we will playfully follow our most intense obsessions mercilessly andbreak the given rules.

Miau ♥
Jana & Nina & Evie the Chat-Bot

ps: more information about the context of our event:

Later Event: November 25
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