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Vernissage: Holy Vestements

  • Kulturfolger 46 Idastrasse Zürich, ZH, 8003 Switzerland (map)

For the purpose of in-situ valuation of the ecclesiastical textiles, I needed to travel for the first time to Mount Athos in 2008. During the research of the Vestments that were going to be exposed for the first time in history at the Petit Pallet’s exhibition in France, I came across the golden costume of Nikiforos Fokas, the Byzantine Emperor from 963 to 969. This historical object it has never been published till today, despite its uniqueness as a Byzantine costume design. Inspired by this object of M. Lavras Monastery’s Museum I decided to create a wearable sculpture made of painted golden ping-pong balls, such as a ‘holy underwear, that could complete the collection of the luxurious vestments.

Yiannis Pappas is a Berlin based artist. Throughout Pappas’ work runs a deep fascination for the relation between space and the human body in natural and urban environments. His visual language is rich and varied, encompassing multiple forms of expression, such as video work, photography, performative, installative and interventionist practices, all of which bear the signs of Pappas’ anthropological and phenomenological approach toward his subjects. Underscored by a critical interest in space, as sites of physical and symbolic enactment, his artistic work and research explores how different places are sustained collectively and individually throughout history.
Idastrasse 46
8003 Zurich