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Engadin Art Talks

This year we will explore the contradictory forces GRACE & GRAVITY. How do gravity and grace define current-day life in the digital age?

A meeting of two conflicting forces: on one hand, the idea of mass and gravity, and all the power that draws us earthwards; on the other, the unburdened fluidity of grace and elegance, which bring the positive momentum of beauty into play. Creative thinkers from a variety of fields the world over pick up the ball and explore with this subject through short presentations and in conversations. Speakers include:

* CECILIA BENGOLEA, dancer, Argentina

* ARNO BRANDLHUBER, architect, Berlin


* RAVIT HELLED, astrophysicist, Israel

* LENA HENKE, artist, Germany

* THOMAS HIRSCHHORN, artist, Switzerland

* ISABEL NOLAN, artist, UK

* PHOEBE PHILO, fashion designer, France/UK

* SMILJAN RADIC, architect, Chile


* TOMÁS SARACENO, artist, Argentina

* HEJI SHIN, artist, Korea

* JUERGEN TELLER, fashion photographer, Germany

Engage in rigorous debate and discussion during two days and interact with these creative thinkers during our coffee breaks and lunches. Saturday will feature an informal lunch at Restaurant Dorta. On Sunday the programme concludes with the visit of Art Public Plaiv.

The 2019 programme is curated by DANIEL BAUMANN (Director, Kunsthalle Zürich), BICE CURIGER (Artistic Director, Fondation Vincent van Gogh Arles), HANS ULRICH OBRIST (Artistic Director, Serpentine Galleries London) and PHILIP URSPRUNG (Professor of History of Art and Architecture and Dean of the Department of Architecture at ETH Zurich).

Earlier Event: January 26
Soirée des Artistes