Von Tiefdruckgebieten angetriebene Starkwindereignisse bei gleichzeitigem Einbruch von polarer Kaltluft, 2019
Videoinstallation, HD Video 25 min. Mit Audio.

Skulpturen: Glas, Kohle, gesalzene Cracker, tote Bienen, Sand, gebrauchte Zigaretten, Zweige, Silberlöffel
Dimensionen variabel

In her works Johanna Kotlaris elaborates narratives that examine dynamics of relationship, and the way proximities and boundaries are established and negotiated. Kotlaris’ work is interested in the relationship between emotional, psychological and physical spaces, and how identities, hierarchies and forms of dependance are created within these. 

The installation Von Tiefdruckgebieten angetriebene Starkwindereignisse bei gleichzeitigem Einbruch von polarer Kaltluft consists of a video and a series of sculptures. In the video work Kotlaris—in different variations of a self—accompanies the viewer through a narration which tries to dissect the complexity of feelings and the idea of boundaries: Sea and mountain love each other in a bathtub, rain heals wounds like magic balm, snowstorms and tornados are scientifically sung of. Finally a guided meditation melts mountain, sea and the spectators themselves into each other, and one could think that «tout ne fait plus qu'un».

Infos zur Ausstellung:
Werkstipendien der Stadt Zürich
Helmhaus, Zürich


Autolyse - Coprinus Comatus, 2018
Bleistift, Tinte aus Coprinus Comatus, handgemachtes Papier der Papiermühle Basel
Je 77 x 55 cm

Material and structural transformations are at the heart of many of Baselgia’s works, including Autolyse – Coprinus Comatus, a series of four drawings depicting coprinus comatus, a common fungus also known as “shaggy mane” or “inky cap” because of its unusual method of distributing spores, which involves digesting its own cap in a biological process called autolysis that produces a black liquid. Here, self-destruction acquires an unexpected positive meaning by allowing the growth of the next generation. Intrigued by this peculiar phenomenon, Baselgia went foraging for these fungi in the woods and followed an old recipe to extract their ink, which he then used in his drawings of the mushrooms, depicted in their natural environment to highlight the strong connection that these organisms have with their habitat.

Fotos von Stefan Altenburger

Mirko Baselgia wird an der Art Basel (13 - 16 Juni 2019) von der Galerie Urs Meile repräsentiert



SANGuinic spleen, 2018
Lack auf Holzschuhen, Polyesterstrumpfhose, Metallkette, Satinhandschuhe, Seidenschleife, Nagel
Dimensionen variabel

“[…]Loners, Emos (emotional hardcore rockers), and cultural misfits are exemplified by the figure of the Waggis, a character that figures in the yearly Carnival of Basel. In this carnival, the Waggis is excluded from the community and this is played out as a parody of social relations and groupthink. The Waggis occupies the paradoxical position of being a misfit within a group of outsiders. The subjective identity produced by the group and those excluded from the group throws up questions related to libidinal investment, the taboos on which power relations are constructed and the violence that is exacted on, and by, those outside of the norm.”

(extracted from wicked games’ press release by Thomas Butler)

Dokumentation zur Ausstellung wicked games



Cauldron, 2019
Bienenwachs, Erde, Zweige, Holz, Textil, Glass, Styropor
70 x 70 x 90 cm

"(...)The cauldron viewed from the side is contamination in its most essential representation -for the elixir and its power depends on this very alchemy, to fuse, to cast as one. The work evokes the time Wirz spent working at one of Brazils largest waste management facilities. The lining of large excavations with a thick sheet of plastic and the dumping of waste to be left behind for millennia to come- the constipation of the earth, undigested to-be-shit is mimicked by the styrofoam lined humus."

(extracted from "Terra Quente"'s exhibition text by Alice Boudreau)

Terra Quente 
24.01.2019 - 25.02.2019  
opening 24 January, 6 - 9 pm
at LongTang (Hagenholzstrasse 106), 8050 Zurich 
open Mo - Fr, 10am to 2pm and by appointment