Massimiliano Moro




Artist Statement

Most of our culture is based on what wesee, so working with light is working with our understanding of this world.Shadows are an absence that makes the volume of the world understandable forus, without them all would be flat.

My main process is being able to workwith light and shadows by treating them as equals. These two elements can be ina relationship similar to matter and void: in the same way, a sculptor canremove the matter to create a shape, I can add or remove shadows to generate anew visual equilibrium. It’s a delicate and powerful material, with the abilityof being huge and weightless at the same time.

I developed a method to eliminate theblack of the shadows, replacing it with a very saturated colour: in this way wedo not feel anymore that we are looking at a void, we are seeing a newindependent element with no metaphorical charge. This eliminates centuries ofnegative prejudice of the shadows in western culture.

All my sculptures, installations, anddesigns focus on the same theme: reveal the action of seeing, and by thatenhancing its beauty and fragility. We live in a world bombarded by thousandsof images, a lot of visual noise is generated each second and, on each look, myartwork offers a moment of calm, silence, where the eyes can rest for a secondand understand they are seeing.

Istituto Europeo di Design (IED), Barcelona
Master in Architektonischem Lichtdesign
2009 – 2014
Escola Massana, Barcelona
Universitätsabschluss in Kunst und Design
2006 – 2009
Escola Massana, Barcelona
HNC in Skulptur
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