Becoming Habits: Chapter 2

Online Viewing Room

Jan 20, 2021 10:00 AM


Mar 3, 2021 5:00 PM



Via Maistra 17

7500 St.Moritz

Mitwirkende Künstler
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Six artists talk about life; material is their language. They try to fill the substance with the spirit of their being, while the familiar world all around them collapses. In charcoal, Omer Halperin draws and erases the ancient faces embedded in her works. She exchanges whispered secrets with her confidantes – Tamar, Zohar, Cousin – thereby transporting them to another time. Helen Waldburger embroiders shadow and colour on organza fabrics stripped from the medieval walls of a feminine fortress. She turns her back against the insanity of the outside world, retelling old stories and choosing to look inwards, into the soul, interpreting her own dreams as instruction manuals. Knowing no rest, Yulia Iosilzon’s paintbrush offers a gentle take on Fauvism depicted on silk fabrics alongside edible ceramic sculptures covered in varnish. Witalij Frese reads Greek mythology. His ceramic jug is a body with a pair of lips, ears, neck and a leg. He, too, chooses to draw and chisel the imagery on storied materials. Resonating with the concept of his oeuvre, Kaspar Ludwig gives us a peek into an intimate set: a pink carpet and a drawing etched in iron of a surrealist bed, at the foot of which one can detect plates filled with mysterious liquids. He creates a visual akin to a cult scene in a bedroom trapped between wakefulness and slumber. The delicate lines of Miranda Forrester tell stories of passion and beauty. The colourful yet subdued tattooed-like figures articulate power in vulnerability.

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