Inverse - A Yearly Ritual

Inverse - A Yearly Ritual

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Mar 25, 2023 6:00 PM


Mar 25, 2023 11:55 PM


Last Tango

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Record Launch & Lecturewith Florian Dombois
25.03.23 at Sunset (18:34)
Doors and bar open at 18:00

Every year, when summer time changes to winter time, all public clocks are stopped for one hour. Every year there is no public time between 3 AM and 3 AM in the night. This moment of technical efficiency results in a poetic standstill and has become the material for a yearly ritual, scored by the artist Florian Dombois. Together with the composers Saskia Bladt, Alexej Retinsky, Didier Rotella, Olga Bochikhina and also with Christoph Israel and Meret Becker, he has developed musical introductions for this nameless hour, that are now on vinyl. For more information see here

For the release of the records in Zurich Dombois will present the ritual and contextualize it with the history of public time and its meaning, that goes far beyond our wristwatches. For example, during the 1830 Revolution Parisians were shooting at tower clocks as an attack against the authorities. Or in 2016 Erdogan decided to let Turkey not return from summer to winter time and through this gesture Turkey would be timewise in sync with Russia, much like Stalin who did want to return to winter time, back in 1930.

Please join us for a discussion on time. Feel free to bring your clockwork for inversion. In a DIY workshop you will be shown how to make it run backward.

Florian Dombois (b. 1966, Berlin) is an artist captivated by wind, time, labilities, and tectonic activity. His artistic practice includes a wide variety of media including happenings and sound installations. In 2010 he received the German Sound Art Prize.

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