Le Mur_01

Le Mur_01

Online Viewing Room

Sep 10, 2021 6:00 PM


Oct 1, 2021 9:00 PM


Le Grain

Route des Jeunes 21

1227 Carouge, Geneva

Mitwirkende Künstler

For its first edition of a series of murals, a new creative space in Carouge, Le Grain invites the multidisciplinary artist Sylvain Gelewski. He decided to respond to this invitation with an optical illusion in which fictional and real works are mixed in an absurd and ephemeral exhibition space.

Always in search of collaborations, Gelewski chose to invite the artist and author Annabelle Galland to write a text about this piece, blindly and from a distance. The text is then performed by the artist and rapper Simon Boixader, during this one-time event.In the large exhibition room of Le Grain, Gelewski also presents a series of plastic and painted works titled Rafistolages, which have been in development since 2019, two new pieces are shown here for the first time.

Bianca Maria Guala

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