Michael Günzburger - Hidden Valley

Michael Günzburger - Hidden Valley

Online Viewing Room

Dec 16, 2022 6:00 PM


Feb 24, 2023 5:00 PM


Beletage Art Space

Utoquai 41, c/o Dr. Rai Winata

8008 Zürich

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In spring 2018, a travel grant from the Aargauer Kuratorium enabled Michael Günzburger to revisit specific places in California, places he has waited to work at for years. His research at the time focused on the topic of skin. The artist recorded his impressions and views in several drawing books, one of which is dedicated to Hidden Valley in Joshua Tree National Park.

While camping among large monzogranite boulders, Günzburger selected geological findings that interested him. On April 5 he drew some of the park's iconic barren rock formations in a non-stop session. Doing so, visual landmarks were translated into a concept of signs. If geology represents both the past and an understanding of locality in general, these personal observations, once taken out of context and place, turned into memories. The artist’s drawings of found forms transformed into imaginary entities open to different associations.

Günzburger guides our gaze along bold ink pen strokes that trace, follow and make us feel the skin of the paper, similar to the way millenia of rain falling and low temperatures worked on the valley’s surface, shaping the landscape’s unique morphology. A sensual gesture, where suggestions of bodies create an intimate moment of fantasies unleashed. Sexiness.

In addition to drawing to the point of exhaustion, Günzburger always explores the question "When is enough enough?“. In this case the series came to an end when the last page of the blank book was filled.

The complete set of 40 drawings from the book will be published in an edition of 3.Zine accompanying the exhibition published by Innen, Zurich.

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