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Mar 30, 2024 6:00 PM


Apr 27, 2024 7:00 PM


La Rada

Via della Morettina 2

6600 Locarno

Mitwirkende Künstler
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On view: 30.03 - 27.04.2024
With: Laurent Güdel, Juliette Henrioud
Curated by: Isotta Regazzoni
Opening : SATURDAY 30 MARCH 2024 from 18:00 at La Rada

During the Vernissage, from 7 p.m., collective listening of Laurent Güdel’s Suoni svaniti, inudibili e immaginari.

Exhibition opening hours: Friday to Saturday, 15:00 to 19:00 and by appointment by writing to:

"Onde di sé", the new exhibition programme at La Rada in Locarno, opens on Saturday 30 March 2024 with the exhibition "Sound Echoes, Listening Spaces". Curated by Isotta Regazzoni, the exhibition presents Suoni svaniti, inudibili e immaginari by Laurent Güdel and (Tumulte) by Juliette Henrioud.The project stems from the desire to dedicate the space of La rada to sound and its echoes. On the one hand, Laurent Güdel, a sound artist from Biel, continues his research process on the history of electronic sound, radio and audio technologies in general. He's taking the opportunity to focus on emblematic sound institutions and infrastructure such as the antennas and transmitters of Monte Ceneri and Isone, the Fonoteca Nazionale Svizzera in Lugano and the Experimental Electroacoustic Studio in Gravesano. His sound composition is made up of his own recordings, made during a few visits to Ticino, and some sound archives from the 50s that he was able to collect at the Fonoteca. Juliette Henrioud, an artist from Lausanne, develops a hybrid practice that brings the world of sound into dialogue with the world of painting through an intuitive approach. The artist explores the possible links between sound waves and visual stimuli through an introspective approach, combining the intuition of the pictorial gesture with the relationship between canvas, colour, visual matter and knowledge. A mixture of sound waves and field recordings in dialogue with acrylics and watercolours.

To inaugurate the event, Laurent Güdel will invite the public to immerse themselves in his sound installation in a collective listening at the opening on 30 March 2024 at 19:00.

-Parallel to the first exhibition, an impromptu cycle of sound performances entitled "MICRORACCONTI", curated by Yimei Zhang, will start on 20 April 2024 with a sound performance by artist Nadia Peter.

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