Martina Morger - Distant Lover. Initiated by Nadia Veronese

Martina Morger - Distant Lover. Initiated by Nadia Veronese

Online Viewing Room

Sep 23, 2022 6:00 PM


Nov 25, 2022 4:00 PM


Beletage Art Space

Utoquai 41, c/o Dr. Rai Winata

8008 Zürich

Mitwirkende Künstler

As a performance and multimedia artist, Martina Morger often works collaboratively and critically questions social and economic working and living conditions. She persistently names social grievances and transforms fundamental issues of our existence into sometimes physically exhausting and sometimes unsettling performances. Martina Morger deals with the position of women and in particular with the position of the female artist in modern capitalist society. She examines and reflects on female and queer voices, addressing topics such as technology, labor and performance.The exhibition Distant Lover refers to an unfulfilled longing, emphasizes the absence of things or of closeness and connects to an inaccessible reality. It is a reference to an achievement-orientated society: the optimization of body and mind is ubiquitous and essential for function and performance. Martina Morger precisely thwarts the inequality of this model of an ideal society and exposes the principle of the achievement subject. Exhaustion syndromes such as emotional and physical inadequacies are treated symptomatically and are in imbalance with the collective ideal of absolute performance orientation. Martina Morger finds a sensual visual language to unveil these collective inadequacy.Martina Morger was born in 1989 in Vaduz, Liechtenstein. She studied media studies at the University of Zurich and fine arts at the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) from 2015 to 2018, before completing a master's in fine arts practice at the Glasgow School of Arts in 2019. She is co-curator of Perrrformat, which brings performance art into urban public space. In spring 2020 she completed a studio residency at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris and a year later she received the Manor Art Prize St. Gallen 2021. She lives and works in Balzers and Hannover.- Nadia Veronese, 2022

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