André Schäffer




Artist Statement

Very early in my life I came into contact with photography. It must have been my father who sparked my interest in artistic work. We went on excursions to take pictures and developed the negatives in our darkroom. As if by miracle forms, figures and sceneries, which we had seen through the viewfinder before, now started to grow in the chemicals to a new and immobile "reality".

During the successive years I got involved with image processing. I noticed that photography combined with electronic editing provides a large diversity of possibilities to visualise questions, emotions or opinions. By means of my works I try to invite the viewers to take a plunge into another, to him maybe unknown world; I want to provoke, demonstrate and to challenge long existing structures.

Hochschule Luzern – Design & Kunst, Luzern
Intensivkurs Grundlagen der Gestaltung
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