Severin Hallauer



Mexico Stadt und Zürich

Artist Statement

Severin Hallauer, born 1996 in Switzerland, based inMexico City and Zurich. His upbringing in rural Switzerland and the associated experiences of exclusion and marginalization shaped his critical spirit, which fuels him to this day to question norms and defy conformity through his art. Hallauer's commitment to unwavering honesty and disclosure leads him to challenge concealment and hypocrisy, embracing doubt and rejecting dogma. Through his performative practice, the artist explores the abysses of human existence and, based on this, creates multimedia series of works. His art arises from the moment, driven by emotion and intuition, but also from long-term research and tries to establish connections between socio-political thoughts and intimate experiences. Risk-taking and through a relentless exposure, Hallauer wants to create art that goes beyond the limits of comfort and allows the spectators to recognize themselves.

2015 – 2019
Zürcher Hochschule der Künste (ZHdK), Zürich
Bachelor in Fine Arts
Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Stuttgart
2013 – 2014
Schule für Gestaltung, Basel
Gestalterischer Vorkurs
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Förderpreis Bildende Kunst Kanton Solothurn