Roadkill is an edition that translates a series of original chalk drawings into risograph prints. Discarded objects crushed by cars and found on the street by the artist are brought back onto paper using the frottage technique. Herzig, in a slow process of addition and subtraction of powdered layers, researches the traces, the shapes and textures of these scrap objects.

The results are compositions reminiscent of abstract anthropocenic landscapes or out-of-scale maps. Roadkill is a term that refers to wild animals that are killed on roads by cars or other vehicles. They coexist beside us, relatively unrecognized and rarely seen, until those moments of impact when our lives literally collide.

In a similar way, suddenly, the found beer cans, bracelets, necklaces, and sherds portrayed in these prints become active subjects and the object of our attention.

Lucas Herzig

Roadkill I & II

Edition of 20 copies each, 2023

4 colors risograph print.

Edition Complice, Lugano

Photo: Sarah Mathon