Sanguinic Spleen

“[…]Loners, Emos (emotional hardcore rockers), and cultural misfits are exemplified by the figure of the Waggis, a character that figures in the yearly Carnival of Basel. In this carnival, the Waggis is excluded from the community and this is played out as a parody of social relations and groupthink. The Waggis occupies the paradoxical position of being a misfit within a group of outsiders. The subjective identity produced by the group and those excluded from the group throws up questions related to libidinal investment, the taboos on which power relations are constructed and the violence that is exacted on, and by, those outside of the norm.”

(extracted from wicked games’ press release by Thomas Butler)

Julian-Jakob Kneer

SANGuinic spleen

Lack auf Holzschuhen, Polyesterstrumpfhose, Metallkette, Satinhandschuhe, Seidenschleife, Nagel

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